Introverts Unite to Color! But Separately and In Your Own Homes

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Finally! An adult coloring book that urges all of you introverts out there to band together to color, but, you know, separately and in your own homes. Because, let’s be realistic, who wants to socialize when you can stay at home and color?

After all, coloring combines two of the things that introverts love most; curling up with a good book and artistic expression. Oh, and coloring also offers up the perfect diversion for those times when it all just feels way too peopley outside and you need to recharge your batteries.

Introverts Unite to Color! consists of 25 adult coloring pages and, with phrases that express the innermost thoughts of pretty much every introvert, all of you gentle souls out there will definitely be able to relate.

Rest assured, when you grab your colored pencils to color the introvert-themed doodles found in this book, you can count on enjoying some introvert quiet time as you relax with this book’s art and enjoy some coloring for adults.

That’s because the funny, relatable, and sometimes poignant phrases found on these adult coloring pages will help every introvert relax and unwind after dealing with the stresses caused by too much socializing.

So, grab a copy of this introvert-themed adult coloring book for yourself as well as all of the people in your life who have an introverted personality type. That way all of you can happily stay home and individually bond over your shared love of alone time.