The Great Big Book of Drawing Ideas (Volume 1)

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Inspiration + Imagination = Awesome Art

Don’t think of this book as a how to. Instead, think of it as a what to. Within these pages artists aren’t told what to draw and how to draw it. Instead, this book is filled with a massive collection of drawing prompts that are just waiting to be drawn in a way that only you can imagine. This inspiration-filled sketchbook provides artists with the freedom to combine their imagination, artistic style, and skills to create a drawing that is uniquely their own.

Each drawing idea provides a fun-filled drawing challenge that artists of all skill levels can use to showcase their creativity and, with a wide variety of drawing ideas that range from silly to straightforward and easy to extreme, this book is sure to leave artists entertained for hours.

So, sharpen your pencil and get ready to hone your artistic skills as these drawing ideas put your imagination to the test.